Index to Starfish Species

The species listed in Table 2.1 have either been recorded previously from Heron Reef, or were found in the present study and represent new records for the locality (marked with “*”). The species included are all those that occur either on the reef top (reef flat and reef crest) or on the reef slope extending to a depth of approximately 30 metres. At Heron Reef this is approximately the depth where the substrate of predominantly live coral or coral rubble changes to the finer sediments of the off-reef floor. Coral-reef species that do not appear to occur on the off-reef floor are marked “+”.

Table 2.1 Asteroid species recorded from Heron Reef.

Astropecten polyacanthus Muller and Troschel,1842

Iconaster longimanus (Mobius, 1859) *

Culcita novaeguineae Muller and Troschel,1842 +

Acanthaster planci (Linnaeus,1758) +

Asteropsis carinifera (Lamarck,1816) *+

Dactylosaster cylindricus (Lamarck,1816) *+
Fromia elegans Clark,1921 *+
Fromia milleporella (Lamarck,1816) +
Gomophia egyptiaca Gray,1840 +
Linckia guildingii Gray,1840 +
Linckia laevigata (Linnaeus,1758) +
Linckia multifora (Lamarck,1816) *+
Nardoa novaecaledoniae (Perrier,1875) +
Nardoa pauciforis (von Martens,1866) +
Nardoa rosea Clark,1921
Neoferdina cumingi (Gray,1840) +
Ophidiaster armatus Koehler,1910 *
Ophidiaster confertus Clark,1916
Ophidiaster granifer Lutken,1871 +
Ophidiaster lioderma Clark,1921 *+
Ophidiaster robillardi de Loriel,1885 *+
Ophidiaster watsoni (Livingstone,1936) +
Tamaria megaloplax (Bell,1884) *

Anseropoda rosacea (Lamarck,1816)
Asterina anomala Clark,1921 *+
Asterina burtoni Gray,1840 +
Disasterina abnormalis Perrier,1876 *+
Disasterina leptalacantha (Clark,1916) +
Tegulaster emburyi Livingstone,1933 *+

Mithrodia clavigera (Lamarck,1816) *+

Echinaster luzonicus (Gray,1840) +
Echinaster stereosomus Fisher,1913 *

Coscinasterias calamaria (Gray,1840) *

* new record for Heron Reef + coral-reef species

In addition to the preceding species, Anthenea aspera, Stellaster equestris, Metrodira subulata and Acanthaster brevispinus were recorded from the area by Bennett (1958). These species were dredged from a depth of 45 meters east of Wistari Reef and were not directly associated with any coral-reef habitat. Halityle regularis was recorded by Baker and Marsh (1974) and Andora popei was recorded by Rowe (1977) from the off-reef floor near Heron Reef. Pentaceraster regulus and Euretaster insignis were also observed on the off-reef floor.