What can we learn from YouTube Analytics?

The first thing that we learn is that all things change with time. We learn about the non-randomness or clumping of events and begin to understand what is really happening rather than what we believe is happening. For example:


Maybe not. It would seem that interest in the Giant Triton peaks during coral reef conferences but the data tells us that this is not the whole story. The peak on the right occurred on 19th August 2016 but the 13th ICRS Conference in Hawaii was from the 19th to 24th of June 2016. This peak was primarily UK viewers.

What about how average view duration changed on 29th September 2015. Was this the upload of an additional much longer video on 28th September? Of course.


Are women more interested in this than men? What effect does age have?


Does this vary geographically?


Is this Google Analytic data reliable or is it #BotFraud?